IT Consultants, Flintshire
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In the unlikely event of a natural disaster…will your business systems hold up? Are you willing to take the risk?

Your IT infrastructure is central to your business and unexpected system downtime will start to impact your business straight away. By planning for these events you can significantly minimise the negative impact on your business.

Fire, flood, theft, viruses, worms, trojan horses, hackers, disgruntled employees - organisations today face an ever-growing number of threats to their IT systems. Nobody can afford to ignore these threats when the potential consequences include loss of data, service and perhaps most damaging, loss of reputation and customer confidence.


At B2 we focus beyond the technology. We work in partnership with you to keep your business running smoothly during a natural, man-made or technological disaster ensuring that your clients retain their confidence in you.

We provide a number of products and services aimed at reducing or eliminating these risks. We supply firewalls, sophisticated anti-virus and intrusion detection systems, content scanners, strong authentication products and encryption devices - and we can encrypt data on laptops to keep it safe in the event of loss or theft.

We offer a wide range of services including security assessments that identify how vulnerable your networks are. This enables us to recommend and implement the best solution to resolve your security issues. We can design and implement Disaster Recovery procedures, and mirror your data to secure offsite servers.

Each business faces different challenges and requires a unique disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.