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Our investment reaps rewards!



Well we have had a busy few months, ploughing our concentrated efforts into our IT department.  Bolstered by our new website too, we have included much more information about the services we can offer you.  Why not click here and tell us what you think?


B2 IT Support website goes live

You will find that we not only provide a fast and efficient service to our existing customers, we now offer a far-reaching range of solutions in all areas of IT.


These include hosted backup solutions and disaster recovery; hosted mail filtering and visualisation; infrastructures for hardware and software; network support; business security advice and continuity to consultancy and exchange migrations.  Together with data capture and document automation; document solutions and print management systems; mobile print solutions and wireless connectivity.  In fact, whatever your requirement – even if it is just a service plan or ad hoc problem solving assistance – we are here to help you gain the most effective solutions for your business.


Thanks to two of our newest, yet highly experienced, recruits – David Catherall and Jim Hincks – both of whom have put many hours into creating the content for the website and identifying exactly what we need to be shouting about.  We really appreciate all the hard work from each member of the team as we know it has been a very intensive period.


It is almost a year since David, our IT & Professional Services Manager, began to oversee the IT department.  His particular focus on delighting our customers and making sure that both their – and our – IT departments run smoothly has been a key factor in presenting David with the challenge of staying on top of rapid changes in technology.  It is a good job he is so passionate about the subject!


David’s particular interest is cloud-based technology which is constantly evolving and is definitely the buzzword for the future of IT. “Microsoft suites such as Azure are leading the field and I enjoy the research that goes hand in hand with my job here at B2,” commented David.


“It is not surprising that some of our customers are boggled by the very subject and turn to us for help,” David continued.


“We are here to help on every level, providing a cost effective solution for support and maintenance requirements yet also working hard to ensure our customers really are getting the best value for money from either their existing systems, or identifying and recommending a new, fit for purpose alternative.”


David’s foray into the world of IT began accidentally in 1993 as he rented space in a building also occupied by a computer shop.  As David held a genuine interest in computing, if any problems occurred with any of the computers, he would try and help out.  This led to a raft of training courses and he eventually made the career change in 1997.  And we are delighted he did!  David has always stayed in his favourite location of North Wales having moved between Mold and Colwyn Bay and now lives in Buckley.


Working alongside David, meet Jim Hincks.  Jim is IT Sales Manager and his strengths lie in ensuring that the department continues to grow quickly – a feat already achieved admirably as we continue to look to expand the team.


Having created a comprehensive business plan to ensure future growth and stability for the department, Jim is proud of the ‘family-oriented’ ethos of B2 which promotes ‘small enough to care; large enough to cope’ mentality. “I enjoy giving our customers the personal service that they deserve,” Jim commented.


“We will not sell the most expensive solution to our customers; in fact, we will only suggest they change their existing system if it truly does provide them with a better solution at an affordable price.  Funnily enough, making what can seem a small change ends up with them saving considerable amounts of money too!” concluded Jim.


Back in the 1980s when computers were beginning to take over the world and become the norm in businesses, households and schools throughout the UK, Jim began his career as technical systems manager for corporate jets, helping to design and implement IT systems used to design and build the 125 corporate jet.


He has since spent the last 30 years developing businesses and strategies for clients in both the public and private sectors.  Jim is now a specialist in many areas associated with IT and prides himself on his relationship building skills.


“My role at B2 is customer-facing and I really do enjoy the interaction.  What can seem an insurmountable problem to someone who is not as au fait with IT as the team here at B2, can actually have a fairly simple solution.  If not, we will work with the customer to ensure their problems are rectified and whichever glitch in their system is dealt with so it is back up and running as quickly as possible,” said Jim.


So, we feel that our investment in the IT department was well worth it.  We are not a business that rests on its laurels and are always aiming to keep ahead of the game by identifying the next big thing.  With such a valued team on board, we know we will continue to offer the absolute best level of customer service and an ever-increasing range of solutions.  And, as we all know, only time will tell us what these may be in such a fast-paced technological based world.