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Operation 25 Random acts of kindness



Has it really been 25 years since B2 began? Wow! The time has flown by and B2 has grown from strength to strength during this time. With customers located worldwide – even some who have been with us since ‘Day One’, a celebration is in order and we don’t want to do it by halves!


So, what will we be doing to celebrate this monumental achievement, I hear you ask? Well, it will be called Operation 25 and it will involve a number of random acts of kindness to thank the local community for their support over the last quarter of a century.


Within the B2 ideas hub, many suggestions have been put forward – some outrageous and others, slightly more manageable! But, both big and small, each act of kindness is sure to put a smile on the lucky recipient’s face.


Operation 25 will be heading out into the big wide world this week and it’s all systems go! So, whether you are a local school, a charity, you are a stranger on the street or you just love cake (!), the B2 team may choose you to receive their act of kindness.


The team has been split into pairs and each will be handed an illustrious golden envelope – but not just any envelope, oh no! In fact, inside each envelope there will be a set of rules highlighting the suggested location, the task in hand and the cash needed to fulfil that task. Once completed, a photo will be taken of the B2 pair delivering their act of kindness to the unsuspecting but (hopefully) happy recipient.
We don’t want to give too much away, because where would the excitement be in that? All we will say is, we intend to create a buzz and can guarantee that there will be lots of smiling faces in the local area.


So, if you see a B2 van whizzing past, give us a wave – and maybe you will be the next to be chosen!


Don’t forget that you can keep up to date with our travels and all of the random acts of kindness by following the hashtag #operation25 on Facebook and Twitter.