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PaperCut MF – control your printing and watch your business flourish


Here at B2 we are always looking to work with new technology that is going to make your business more efficient; save you money; reduce wastage and, when all this is in place, we hope that your technological stresses are a thing of the past!

With this in mind, we would like to introduce PaperCut MF, a print management application that will not only save you money but it will give you full printing control. So, why is PaperCut MF a must-have application for your printing needs, other than the fact it can be embedded into Xerox, Toshiba and Canon printing devices?

PaperCut MF is used by more than 30,000 organisations in over 100 countries and has been translated into 25 languages worldwide…wow! Designed as a low cost solution to printing for businesses it encourages responsible behaviour and eliminates waste.

PaperCut MF includes software that can monitor printing and even control when particular print jobs should be released, therefore minimising waste and maximising efficiency!

If you haven’t been won over yet, let us outline the 10 key reasons why you should think about introducing PaperCut MF into your business…


1. Reduce waste and be environmentally friendly

The opportunity to highlight exactly where printing is being used irresponsibly by a business is key to reducing waste. PaperCut MF monitoring offers the opportunity to locate the source and, in turn, introduce policies that will encourage responsible printing, paper or toner costs and also power usage.

All this excess wastage, whether that’s paper, toner or power, contributes to your businesses carbon footprint, so why not help to reduce this with PaperCut MF?


2. Create and apply print policies across your business

Another bonus with PaperCut MF is that all printing is intercepted by the server before it reaches the printer. This allows your business to introduce policies that encourage responsible printing and therefore, control over what is distributed. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This can be taken even further by scripting (JavaScript) to implement those all-important policies and utilising devices to get the most out of them. We know this sounds a bit techy, so some examples of this include sending large print jobs to a dedicated printer or offering a pop up to users asking if they require single sided print. It’s all about making your devices work harder to benefit your overall business-and each department within that business.


3. Print wirelessly from the web

We’re sure we’ve all been in that situation where we need to print from a laptop, netbook or tablet and, for one reason or another, your device struggles, making this a painstaking and long winded task!

PaperCut MF has a unique feature, included in its standard print charging process that allows for web printing to take place without having to install a particular software or driver. In fact, it’s quick and easy, music to everybody’s ears!


4. Find-Me printing and Secure Print Release

The printing of random unclaimed documents using your most expensive ink and that paper you save for special occasions, are now just a distant memory.

By enabling Find-Me printing, PaperCut MF won’t just slash the amount of wasted print jobs, but it is also able to create a virtual queue of print jobs, releasing them to specific printers as and when they are needed.

Secure Print Release is another step that offers peace of mind as only certain people can see particular documents-perfect for anything confidential. This feature works by requiring user authentication before printing, so any sensitive documents are collected by the required recipient.


5. Track all printing, photocopying and scanning activity

With real-time monitoring and reports available through PaperCut MF on all of your device areas such as print, copy, fax or scan, you will never lose sight of you print management ever again.

With a range of reports available, from those that incorporate the entire business or whether you just want to look at a department individually, PaperCut MF goes above and beyond the basics.

Reports can also be accessed from any web browser, or better still, why not have them emailed directly to you, in a format to suit you when they are ready? Reports can also be custom-made with your branding and filtered down by selecting dates to focus on.


6. Deploy correctly

To deploy a printing device correctly is vital for your business and PaperCut MF does just that. Using an installation wizard, the application is able to recognise all devices on your network, install software automatically and even create groups through understanding how users print to recognise their habits, whilst also successfully tracking and managing this.

Think of somebody who prints copious amounts of black and white documents, but instead of using a smaller less important printer for this, they actually use the expensive, colour printer, annoying right? PaperCut MF works to prevent this from happening by managing their authentication rights, pages costs and quotas.

Say goodbye to the end of waiting hours to print your colour documents as 1000 black and white sheets of A4 flood the printer… hallelujah!


7. fficient device management

As we already know, PaperCut MF is capable of working with major vendors across the document printing industry, which means that if you purchase a new device, then this feature can be installed with ease and managed centrally.

With browser-based administration available to users of PaperCut MF from any location, there is an opportunity to monitor devices, track activity in real-time, view account balances and distribute credit to other users to name just a few from any network location.


8. Integrates with other devices and your network

The great thing about PaperCut MF is the simplicity of setting it up on a device, integrating it with your own intranet, fully documented API and tailoring it through scripting so that it is integrated with your other IT systems.

When all of your devices are connected and synergy is created, you will see the true benefits of this simple, low cost application.


9. calable for your business

If you’ve found previous applications are not scalable for your business, fear not as PaperCut MF is designed exactly for that! Whether you have a network of five end users or 500,000, PaperCut MF uses its modern software so that it can be scaled up or down to meet your requirements.

This offers peace of mind as you can be certain that this PaperCut MF is versatile enough for you and your business.


10. Make the most of uptime and availability

Thinking about your printing environment is key to getting the most of your printing devices, even small changes can have larger impacts on the bigger picture.

Have you experienced printing problems at peak times? Maybe you have an urgent job and your printer’s goes offline or even worse, stops working all together? By using the ‘Print System Health Monitoring’ feature, you can keep up to date with the health of your devices, receive real-time alerts of any current issues and better still, PrintCut MF can actually alert you with a potential issues that may arise.

You won’t notice it until it’s not there, as well all know, so don’t let your printer’s health affect your working day.

We hope that you are now clued up on PrintCut MF!

The above points have been outlined to give you a brief overview of this fantastic application that we believe can help any business, small medium or large to get the most out of your printing and reduce wastage.

Think about where all those extra savings can be used to increase productivity and efficiency within your business throughout 2017 and well into the future!

If you would like to find out more or book in for a demonstration, please contact Leon Darbey or Mark Blythe on 01244 837100. info@bto.com