Office Stationery in North Wales
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Not just pens and paper... we have everything you could possibly need for the office and more! With 18,000 items in one catalogue alone, we can always find the item you want!

View our online webstore or click here and complete the catalogue signup form at the bottom of the page and we'll send you a copy of our shiny 2014 office supplies catalogue! Want to order online but do not wish to register for an account, please call us during office hours on 01244 837123 and we will happily take payment and process your order over the telephone.

We like to think of ourselves as superheroes in the world of stationery...we know our stuff! Put us to the test and let us help you find what you are looking for - no matter how unusual!


'Granny Price' knows how to spot a bargain...

How do our Granny’s manage to eat healthily, socialise, slip a £5 note in the grandchildren’s birthday card and still have a few pounds to save up for the coach trip to Bournemouth and a bottle of sherry? Well they are smart ladies and know value for money when they see it! We could all learn a thing or two from these pillars of society - including our politicians. Apologies for getting a bit edgy(!).

With this in mind, we bring to you 50 of the most popular office products at superb prices.

We all know the old proverb from John Ruskin “Buy cheap, buy twice” so we are in dangerous territory here… but we have tested our 'Thrifty Fifty' products and they are great!
All Granny Price Approved.

Click here to see our top 50 best value office essentials - the range includes:
- envelopes
- highlighter pens
- markers
- notepads
- paperclips & staples
- pencils & pens 
- ringbinders & lever arch files
- sticky quick notes
- subject dividers
- suspension files