Toner Cartridges wholesale in North Wales
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Originals... compatibles... we have them all!

Keeping the printers running can be an expensive matter. We offer all makes and brands of consumables at competitive prices and also have a range of our own compatible cartridges that are reliable (we tested them for a year first) and they are up to half the price of the original make – so good we put our name on them! If you have any problems then we send an engineer and replace the cartridge within 24 hours... WOW! That is better back up than you get paying full price for an original cartridge.

Automated Toner Replenishment
Isn’t toner a nuisance? You run out when you most desperately NEED to print something important. The moment you buy a spare cartridge in ready, the printer breaks and you end up buying a new machine because it is cheaper than fixing the old one and you have an expensive cartridge you can’t use or return.

We have the technology to send your replacement cartridges when the level gets to 20% so it arrives ready for when you need it. A free of charge service we are happy to offer to help you focus on your work. 
* The automated toner replenishment service is only available for network printers.